LIFE 10 True Facts About Friendship

Whoever has a friend, has a treasure—that phrase might hold more truth than you’d think! In studying friendship, scientists have discovered shocking facts, like how we share more genes with friends than strangers, how we’re more attractive when we’re with a group of friends, or that at the age of nine months we already understand the concept of friendship.

In honor of our dear friends, we’ve compiled a list of 10 true facts about these relationships that you probably didn’t know. Here’s science has to say about friendship.


10 Evidence-Backed Ways to Become Smarter

It’s common to think of intelligence as something that you’re simply born with. Some people, after all, make being smart look effortless.

Intelligence isn’t a set trait, though. It’s a changeable, flexible ability to learn and stimulate your brain that can improve over time. The key is to practice lifestyle habits that support and protect your brain.

Practicing certain lifestyle habits may help improve your overall intelligence, which includes two types:

  • Crystallized intelligence. This refers to your vocabulary, knowledge, and skills. Crystallized intelligence typically increases as you get older.
  • Fluid intelligence. Also known as fluid reasoning, fluid intelligence is your ability to reason and think abstractly.

Read on to learn what science has to say about the different ways you may be able to boost both your crystallized and fluid intelligence.

1. Exercise regularly

Staying physically active is one of the best ways to improve brain functioning.

According to a 2018 studyTrusted Source, light exercise promotes activity in the hippocampus, which is involved in memory. It also enhances the connection between the hippocampus and other brain regions that regulate memory.

2014 studyTrusted Source also found that exercise increases the volume of the hippocampus. The authors of the study speculated that aerobic activity promotes the growth of neurons, which boosts brain structure and function.

To enjoy the cognitive benefits of exercise, it’s important to do it regularly. The good news is that you don’t have to exercise vigorously to reap the benefits.

Beginner-friendly exercise ideas include:

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep is also essential for supporting optimal cognitive function. When you sleep, your brain consolidates memories you created throughout the day. It also enhances your brain’s ability to learn new information when you wake up.

In fact, adequate sleep is so important that a 2019 studyTrusted Source found that even mild sleep deprivation negatively influences working memory.

3. Meditate

Another way to become smarter is to practice meditation.

In an older 2010 study, meditation was associated with better executive functioning and working memory. These effects were observed after just four days of meditation.

2019 studyTrusted Source found similar results. After participants completed 8 weeks of 13-minute guided meditation sessions, their attention, recognition ability, and working memory increased. The participants’ anxiety and mood also improved.

The researchers speculated that these cognitive effects were due to the emotional benefits of meditation.

There are many ways to meditate. You can:

  • use meditation apps
  • listen to guided meditation videos
  • attend a meditation class

Personality Traits Of A Winner And How To Get Those Traits

Personality Traits Of A Winner And How To Get Those Traits
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Ready To Feel What It’s Like To Win?
“I never win anything.” Sound familiar? Some people get the thought of being a born loser stuck in their heads. Constantly confirming they never win anything, often making a joke of it but inwardly crying.

It’s no wonder that these people don’t ever win, if you think you’re a loser, your brain will start to believe you’re a loser. And science has proven that a downtrodden outlook doesn’t bode well if you want to be a winner.

Positive Thinking Has Been Proven To Boost Winning Potential

Don’t you think winners have such a positive, can-do attitude? Think about famous winning figures such as Usain Bolt, Barack Obama, Tony Robbins and Richard Branson – they ooze positivity. They enter a room and radiate an infectious energy and will usually say ‘yes!’ to trying something new or fun. Just look at Branson, casually flying a hot air balloon across the Atlantic.

How do these sorts of people become that way? Are people born this way or do they evolve? There’s a lot to be said for positive thinking and its benefits on the brain and a person’s outlook on life.

KidoLopez and Fuxjagerb’s study, Self-deception’s adaptive value: Effects of positive thinking and the Winner Effect, found that you can deceive your own negative thoughts with positive ones and trick your mind into thinking you’re a born winner. This can even make you fitter too.

“There is good reason to think that self-deception is an adaptation by arguing: (1) self-deception leads to a positive self-perception and (2) a positive self-perception increases an individual’s fitness.” They concluded that “self-deception indeed has adaptive value.”

They explore the Winner Effect which “is a term used in biology to describe how an animal that has won a few fights against weak opponents is much more likely to win later bouts against stronger contenders.” By training yourself mentally and physically, you can deceive your brain into thinking you can win anything.


7 Best Ways To Get Success In Life [ Step by Step ]

Business man get success in life

Success never comes to those who are just day dreaming about success. It is a journey, not a destination.

Success comes to those who put in the work consistently and work on vision in their lives. Anyone can get success in life by doing what successful people do.

All you need to do is become the person who deserves the successful life.

Successful people do things differently. They believe in standing out of the crowd and never be the part of an average mentality. This is the reason they work on themselves every single day.

Here are 7 Best Ways To Get Success In Life [ Step by Step ]

7 best ways to get success in life

1. Find your purpose.

If you want to be successful, you need to know your purpose. In which area you want to see yourself achieving success? Find that first.

Most people drift around their whole life without any idea where they are going.

Here’s something to remember, and that is “your passion is for you, your purpose is for others”.

Find your passion. Just look at things you love doing. And try to figure out “is your passion is aligned with purpose”.

If your passion is aligned with purpose then you can go for it.

You need to ask 3 questions in order to find your purpose.

  • Why you want to do it?
  • How will you do it?
  • Is it creating any value in other people’s lives?

This will clear every single doubts you have.

Successful people ask these 3 questions before starting anything.

Because they need a fuel in order to keep going. Even in the tough situation.


Read this, if you want to know 7 best reasons to do what you love.

2. Research

Now it’s time to do some research. Figure out what resources, skills and technology you need to get started.

For example, if you want to start a business, figure out how much resources you need to start a business.

You need to keep in mind that you need skills.

Never take advice from your family, friends or neighbors who never started a business. Take advice from people who are already successful.

Develop your skillset and improve every single day in order to get success in life.

No matter in which area you want to be successful, these techniques are same and used by the world class successful people.

If you want to get success in life, start thinking and talk action like them.

3. Learn skills.

You need skills to achieve success in life. These skills are necessary for you to grow and become the person you admire.

You need to become a lifetime learner. “I know” mindset won’t take you to a successful life.

Learn the skills you need to become the person you want to be. It will take a lil time and energy but it will be worth it.

You need to invest your time and money to acquire new skills and keep doing it every time so you can form a habit.

Because the person you will be in 5 years is mostly depending on the information you feed your mind today.

You should try these 5 steps for learning new skills faster

4. You need determination.

If you are not determined, it is going to be hard to become successful in life. Because no matter how good you are in something. If you are not determined, it’s not going to workout.

Determination is everything. Successful people are determined with their goals and they work on it every single day.

However, if you want to get success in life, you need determination.

You need to eliminate and sacrifice things and get to the work for a better tomorrow. Then you are going to see any results in life.

Read this, if you want to know how to be determined.

5. Work on yourself daily.

Nothing changes in one day. You need consistent efforts. If you want to change your life then start working on yourself and your goals every single day.

Consistency is the key to success in life. If you practice 1 move of punch every single day, you will become a master in 3 years for that 1 move. You can knock anyone down in just 1 punch.

Even if the person who practice 100 moves in for 3 years. That person can never stand before you.

Start making changes in life and work on it daily. And eventually you will see the results.

6. Be willing to do whatever it takes.

Mindset is everything. When you are determined, working on yourself daily and willing to do whatever it takes, you will become unstoppable

No one can stop you to get success in life, whether it’s financial freedom, travel goals, relationship goals or anything.

You become a beast when you are willing to do whatever it takes. Make a plan, work on it and do it until you succeed.

Successful people never change direction. They work on it until they achieve it.

However, most people try something and when they don’t get results in 1 year, they quit.

So if you want to get success in life, be willing to do whatever it takes.

7. You need R.C.I

R.C.I stands for Ritualistic continuous improvement which is also known as Kaizen in Japan. This is very powerful tool which will help you to get success in life and grow you as a person.

Ritualistic stands for making it your habit. For example, you need to do the things that lead you towards success in every situation, every time and everywhere.

Continuous stands for doing something regularly. It is not an activity that you do once in a while. It is a process that you need to do every single time.

Improvement stands for improving yourself daily. Learning the skills and implementation is important.

Most people think they know everything and this becomes a roadblock in the path of successful life.

Successful people believe that they know nothing and they still need to know more and this helps them grow every single day


Mind-blowing Facts About Tires and Wheels

  • Tire is spelled tyre if you live in the UK — If you’ve seen the word “tyre” in any English or foreign texts, it’s probably not a typo. “Tyre” is a variant spelling of tire and is used in British English, as well as by any country or person who adheres to British spelling rules rather than American.
  • Air-filled tires were patented in 1847 — Scottish inventor Robert William Thomson patented the pneumatic tire 171 years ago. However, the first usable pneumatic tire, or air-filled tire, was created by Scotsman John Boyd Dunlop in 1888 in Belfast, Ireland. While originally created for bicycles, billions, if not trillions, of tires grace roads around the world today on a variety of vehicles.
  • LEGO is the world’s largest tire manufacturer — Toy manufacturing company, LEGO, holds the distinction of being the world’s largest tire manufacturer. The company produces nearly 320 million tiny tires each year, which is over 50 percent more than any other tire company in the world. However, don’t try to purchase LEGO’s tires for your vehicle as they probably won’t fit.
  • Car manufacturers don’t make wheels — While you may think that a car manufacturer would make all the important components of your vehicle, most manufacturers don’t make the wheels for their products. Instead, they rely on a wheel manufacturer. Maxion Wheels is a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that supplies wheels for companies like Audi, BMW, General Motors, and more. Additionally, many other companies specialize in making custom wheels, replica wheels, and aftermarket wheels.
  • Winter tires were invented in Finland — Nokian Tyres, headquartered in Nokia, Finland, created the first winter tire in the mid-1930s. The brand is considered one of the top tire brands in the world and specializes in creating tires to handle weather conditions in Nordic countries.
  • Continental AG is the most popular tire brand in Europe — German-based automotive manufacturing company Continental AG has a stronghold on the tire market in Europe. Of all cars delivered in Europe, around 30 percent are fitted with Continental tires. The company is the fourth-largest tire manufacturer in the world and was originally founded in 1871 as a rubber manufacturer.
  • Most airplanes and space shuttle tires are filled with nitrogen — Anyone who has ridden in an airplane has experienced pressure changes, resulting in the need to “pop” your ears. Those types of pressure changes due to high altitudes can impact the air pressure in tires, especially if the tire is filled with oxygen, which can react with the rubber of the tires at certain temperatures. Instead of regular air, airplane tires are filled with nitrogen because it’s an inert gas, which makes it less likely to react with other substances.
  • American Racing Equipment is the oldest manufacturer of aftermarket wheels — American Racing emerged during the American muscle car era and was founded in 1956. Aftermarket wheels are not created by manufacturers that are affiliated with or approved by the car manufacturer. American Racing’s wheels are mostly used by sports car owners or street racers.
  • BMW outfits most of its cars with run-flat tires— Run-flat tires are tires you can still drive on after they are punctured. The purpose of these tires is to make sure that drivers can make it to a shop or a safe place to replace the tire with a spare. Of the major car manufacturers in the world, BMW outfits the most vehicles with this type of tire, which is significant because the tires are twice as expensive as regular tires.
  • Space shuttle tires are really expensive — If you are planning to build your own space shuttle anytime soon, you better have a lot of money in your savings account. Space shuttle tires cost over $5,000 each. If that doesn’t make you cringe, those tires are only good for one or two landings depending on where they are located on the shuttle.

We rely on our cars to get us from point A to point B every day. While tires and wheels only make up a part of that whole, they are vital components that have their own interesting histories and facts. So, next time you’re rolling down the street in your favorite ride, feel free to spout off these fun facts. You’re sure to up your street credibility with your passengers.


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